Fracking and the Election

  1. Write about #2 for 15 minutes and then post to your blog.

2. Bearing in mind the realities of climate change, American energy needs, and the US EIA data about carbon dioxide emissions, lay out the key issues regarding fracking and then take a position on fracking. Using the readings (Steingraber, Carson, Orr, and the Westword articles), as well as the videos, to back up your position.

3. We’ll create four groups. Begin by sharing your fracking response with your group and discuss them. Then group will quickly research their assigned presidential candidate: Donald Trump (R), Hillary Clinton (D), Gary Johnson (Libertarian), and Jill Stein (Green). For your group’s candidate, research their energy policy, as well as their broader environmental position. Be ready to report back to the rest of the class, and participate in a fuller discussion.

Open Secrets is interesting for a number of reasons.

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