Exam #2 Review

Exam 2 will cover the films and readings we have completed after Week 4, including Steingraber’s “The Whole Fracking Enchilada,” but not the news media coverage of fracking. It will be open book (Xerox copies are okay) and it will consist of passage identification (author and text) with a short explication of the passage’s significance as well as some essay questions.

To prepare, read any texts (readings and films) you haven’t read since week 4, and then take another look at those you have, re-familiarizing yourself with the main points and ideas. Think about the major themes and issues we’ve examined since Exam 1, including fracking in Colorado.

Another way to prepare will be to flesh out the history and evolution of green activism, as we’ve seen in the readings and films since exam 1. Historically, who has been involved in green activism in the USA as seen in the course materials, what types of activism have they used, and how has that activism evolved and changed? Which methods seem most fruitful?

Finally, think deeply about Joyce Carol Oates’ famous quote (on the syllabus) about nature writing and nature writers:

“Nature inspires a painfully limited set of responses in nature writers: REVERENCE, AWE, PIETY, MYSTICAL ONENESS.”

How do the readings for the course align or challenge or complicate her claim?

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