Sample Topics for Presentations

  • Visit Trash Island: Trash, Recycling, and Composting
  • Colorado’s Gov. Polis (D) and his environmental objectives
  • When the Levee Broke: Hurricanes, Climate Change, and Disaster Relief
  • Keystone XL Pipeline and Resistance to it
  • Divest DU: How should DU (and other university and college) invest its endowment?
  • Camping, Car Camping, Backpacking and where you can and can’t do it, and why
  • Mega Fires: Forest Fires in the American West
  • It’s Not (All) Our Fault: Air Pollution in China (and Asia more broadly)
  • Renewable Energy Sources in the US (wind, solar power, etc)
  • But I Like Road Rage: Urban Sprawl, Public Transportation and Alternatives to Driving Cars
  • Release of Cyanide, heavy metals, and pollutants in Colorado Rivers
  • Drill Baby Drill: Opening Public Lands (forest service, bureau of land management lands) for commercial and industrial uses (mining, grazing, logging, natural gas extraction)
  • The Colorado Gold Rush and the 1864 Sand Creek Massacre (of Cheyenne tribal members)
  • Death of Coral Reefs
  • All those oxygen cannisters: Waste left behind in alpine areas
  • Climate Change 101: global warming, its causes, its consequences, its deniers
  • Who Needs Clean Air? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): Its Origins, Goals, and Current Status
  • Flint, Michigan Water Crisis
  • Black Market Demand and Poaching (ivory, etc)
  • The 1906 Antiquities Act: Protection of archaeological sites and creating National Monuments
  • US Energy (In)dependence? Fracking, Clean Coal, and Drilling for Oil
  • President Trump, The Paris (Climate) Agreement, and Global Climate Change
  • Nestle’s Attempt to Privatize Fresh Water
  • Better Visit the Arctic Soon: Glaciers and the Polar Ice Cap Melting
  • Eat Local: Food Sustainability, Food Sourcing, and Food Waste
  • Palm Oil’s destruction
  • The Dying of the Great Barrier Reef
  • The Endangered Species Act: Protecting and de-listing wildlife like the grizzly?
  • Earth First, The Earth Liberation Front, and the Rise of Radical Environmental Activism
  • Bambi, Jaws, and The Day After Tomorrow: Representations of nature in film
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