Site Journal links, peer review

First, check and see if the link to your site journal works. If not, email me with the URL.

Second, post a link to your site journal in the Canvas/Discussion/Site Journal 1 forum.

Peer Review: Due in Canvas: T 9/17 at midnight

Peer Review Partners:

  • Abe/Meghan
  • Cassidy/Thaddeus
  • Marian/Kaitlyn
  • Matt/Max G.
  • Jackson/Irving
  • Fernando/Grace
  • Emma/Max W.
  • Marina, Emily, Sophia: Marina responds to Emily, Emily responds to Sophia, Sophia responds to Marina

Peer review:  Read your partner’s first site journal entry. When you finish reading, answer the following questions about their blog. You should enter your feedback as a reply to their link in Canvas.

  • Whose site journal are you responding to?
  • What are the strengths of the journal entry? Identify two specific strengths and discuss why they are strengths.
  • The audience for your site journals is the public, or an interested web reader, so the site journal’s prose should be accessible, lively, and interesting – and shouldn’t sound like something written for the AP test or in Psychology class. How well does the author grab the reader’s attention? How would you characterize the voice in the prose? Why?
  • This entry should contain some discussion of location to orient the reader. How effectively does the author describe the site? How effectively does the author locate the site within the context of its surroundings (i.e. where is it?)?
  • How well does the author incorporate photos of the site into the journal entry? Which images work best and why?
  • Provide some advice on the design, layout, links. Is it easy to read the journal entry? What links (to other sites) should the author add to their blog and why?
  • What should the author work on when they revise the journal entry? What else should be discussed in future entries?
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