Wk 5. 2: Grizzly Man, Presentation, Advising for Winter 2020

  1. Quiz 5 – synthesis at the halfway point of quarter
  2. Announcements, including Indigenous Film and Arts Festival, Fri and Sat nights, and Sustain-o-Ween, next Tuesday.
  3. Return Exam 1. See Extra Credit, W 10/30 @ 6-7:30pm, Encountering Stories.
  4. Group Presentation #1: Where Can I Camp in the US? Public and Private Land
  5. Advising and Registration Process for Winter 2020: Sign Up for a Conference next week.
  6. Winter 2020 WRIT Courses
  7. Screening: Grizzly Man (2005, Director: Werner Herzog)
  8. HW: Site Journal #4, read: London’s “To Build a Fire,” and Leopold’s “Thinking Like a Mountain,” build your schedule(s) for Winter 2020

Advising Note:

We’ll meet next week for advising. After we met, I’ll delete your ALTPIN, which will allow you to register on your registration day and time. Advising will take place in my office in the library – AAC 380.

Most of you will need to begin the WRIT sequence by taking WRIT 1122 in Winter 2020 and WRIT 1133 in Spring. WRIT courses are like FSEMs, in that they’re often themed. You’ll want to read the Winter 2020 WRIT Courses descriptions before selecting your WRIT sections. If you have credit for WRIT 1122, you can take WRIT 1133 in Winter (there are a handful of sections), or you can wait and take it in Spring 2020 when there are many, many sections.

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