Naturalist’s Site Journal: Reflection and Self-Evaluation

A couple reminders: 1) Site journals are due on M 11/11 at 11:59pm, with a completed self-evaluation. You should visit and document your site again this weekend. 2) Be sure to complete the self-evaluation (see below) and put it on your blog as a post or page.

Please answer these questions and include them as a post in your final site journal. Do not make this the lead entry in your Site Journal. You can make your self-evaluation its own page, not post.

1. What is the strongest entry in the site journal? Why?
2. What did you enjoy about this assignment? Why?
3. What was difficult or challenging about the assignment? What could be improved in your site journal, or what do you wish you had done differently?
4. How did you synthesize your entries as you completed the final version of the site journal?
5. What risks – in the writing, images, ideas – did you take in the site journal?
6. What did you learn about your site and about nature writing by completing the site journal?

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