Group Presentations (20 points) and Schedule

Small groups will lead a presentation and discussion of major events/topics/issues in US environmental history and politics, roughly 20-30 minutes in length, with the bulk of that time being class discussion. Groups are expected to research their topic, offer a brief historical overview of their topic (its origins, evolution, impacts, and current status), include a multimedia portion (up to 5 minutes of video clips, music, visual representations, etc.), and then lead a class discussion. Groups will be expected to meet out of class to prepare, including meeting with the instructor prior to the presentation. Groups will receive one grade; slackers sink the group ship. The grade will be based on the depth of research, the quality of presentation, the facilitation of the whole class discussion (have discussion questions ready), and the equal participation from group members.

  • W 10/9: Where Can I Camp? Public and Private Lands in the US: Cassidy B, Thaddeus G, Max W
  • W 10/16: Climate Change and Intensifying Weather (mega-fires, hurricanes, etc): Meghan B, Jackson K, Emma W, Marina W
  • M 10/21: Buzz, Buzz: Declining Bee Population: Marian F, Irving H, Fernando L-R
  • W 10/23: Love My Impossible Burger: Meat Production, Methane: Grace N, Sophia Z
  • M 10/28: President Trump’s EPA: Emily Z, Matt G, Kaitlyn F, Max G