FSEM: With and Without Nature, Schedule, Fall 2017

Prof. Benz

  • Warning: highly volatile, schedule subject to change at a moment’s notice!
  • Complete the work for the day it’s listed.
  • All readings are in Literature and the Environment, 2nd edition unless otherwise noted.
  • (C) = Reading available in Canvas


  • Wk 1

M 9/11

  • Course Overview
  • Syllabus and Policies
  • Read: Galvin’s The Meadow, 1-138

W 9/13

  • Read: Finish Galvin’s The Meadow
  • Due: Discussion Post #2
  • Create blog


  • Wk 2

M 9/18

  • Due: Site Journal #1 for Readaround
  • Read: Standing Bear’s “Nature”; Owens’ “The American Indian Wilderness”
  • One Book Discussion: Journalist Joe Donnelly, 7pm in Reiman Theatre, Margery Reed Hall

W 9/20

  • Screening: An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
  • Due: Discussion Post #3 (complete in-class, after viewing Occurrence)
  • One Book DU Faculty Panel: 7pm in Reiman Theatre, Margery Reed Hall


  • Wk 3

M 9/25

  • Read: Wright’s “Down by the Riverside”
  • Screening: Into the Wild

W 9/27

  • Read: Wright “Big Boy Leaves Home”
  • Screening: Into the Wild


·       Wk 4

M 10/2

  • Due: Site Journal #2
  • Read: Chavez’s “Crossing Bitter Creek”
  • Finish Screening: Into the Wild
  • Exam #1 Review

W 10/4

  • Exam #1


  • Wk 5

M 10/9

  • Read: Muir’s “A Wind-Storm in the Forest”; Thoreau’s “Higher Laws”
  • Complete BBP training for Mount Trashmore in-class.
  • Screening: The National Parks: America’s Best Idea

W 10/11

  • Class meets behind JMAC for Community Service Project: Mount Trashmore. Wear long pants and shoes (no sandals, flip flops, chacos, etc. – toes need to be covered).
  • Due: Discussion Post #4


  • Wk 6

M 10/16

  • Due: Site Journal #3
  • Read: Leopold’s “Thinking Like a Mountain”; London’s “To Build a Fire”
  • Visit from Kimberly White, from the Office of Career and Professional Development
  • Screening: Grizzly Man

W 10/18

  • Read: Lopez’s “Apologia”; Kerouac’s “Alone on a Mountaintop”; Houston’s “A Blizzard Under Blue Sky”
  • Screening: Grizzly Man
  • Attend Encountering Stories (One Book, One Prompt event) at 6pm, listen to readers, talk to other FSEMers, and respond to a discussion post for some extra credit.  Location: TBA

F 10/20

  • Last day to drop a course without instructor approval


  • Wk 7

M 10/23

  • Read: Erdrich’s “Line of Credit”
  • Due: Discussion Post #5
  • Meet with Benz for advising this week

W 10/25

  • Read: Wilson’s “Denial and Its Risks”; Whitman “When I Heard the Learn’d Astronomer” (C)
  • No class for advising with Benz


  • Wk 8

M 10/30

  • Read: Steingraber “The Whole Fracking Enchilada” (C); Carson’s “Of Man and the Stream of Time”
  • Screening: Gasland
  • Register for Winter 2017 Quarter this week

W 11/1

  • Screening: Gasland
  • Read: Orr’s “Reflections on Water and Oil”
  • Read: TBA on Fracking in Colorado and the Front Range


  • Wk 9

M 11/6

  • Due: Site Journal #4
  • Pollan’s “Why Bother?”; Jensen’s “Forget Shorter Showers”; B. Kingsolver’s “Reconstructing Our Desires”
  • Screening: If a Tree Falls…

W 11/8

  • Read: Abbey’s “Eco-Defense” (C); Read: Williams’ “Clan of One Breasted Women”; LaDuke’s “Uranium Mining, Native Resistance, and the Greener Path”
  • Screening: Lord of the Rings (excerpt)

F 11/10

  • Due by 5pm: Revised Site Journal, with completed self-evaluation


  • Wk 10

M 11/13

  • Read: Weisman’s “The World Without Us” (C)
  • Course Evals
  • Exam #2 Review

W 11/15

  • Exam #2


Final Exam Meeting: TBA