Orientation Day #1

  1. Welcome!
  2. Introductions, Dialogues Overview, Phones
  3. Note: this is not our classroom. On Monday, meet in Sturm 453
  4. Burning Questions — with answers!
  5. General Ground Rules: phones, masks and 6 feet, breaks, bathroom, speaking (louder than usual) and listening, no paper from me but bring a notebook/pen
  6. Pairs and Intros
  • *Get to know your partner.
  • *Hometown, Major, Dorm (or living arrangements), Time Commitments beyond school, Languages
  • *What was one positive thing in your life that came out of the ongoing COVID experience?
  • *Why DU?
  • *Why this FSEM?

Be ready to introduce your partner to the class.

  1. FSEM, buying books for FSEM, and homework for Monday (before class read pages 1-138 in Galvin’s The Meadow)
  2. Canvas
    1. Read: Dear Professor.edu (Canvas/Files)
    2. In class writing: Transition to DU (Canvas/Discussions/Intros, Expectations, Concerns…)
  3. Tomorrow, F 9/11: Zoom from 9-10:30am. I’ll answer more burning questions, we’ll discuss your schedules, and begin advising, degree audits, etc.
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Welcome to With and Without Nature!

This site contains course materials for Brad Benz‘s First Year Seminar at the University of Denver.


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