Wk 10.2 – Exam 2

  1. Prof. Benz will be in our classroom from 12-1 on Weds 11/17 if you want to discuss exam 2
  2. Exam 2 is available in Canvas/Files/Readings/Exam 2 take home. Please type it.
  3. Exam 2 is due Thursday, 11/19 at 11:59pm in Canvas.
  4. Please complete course evaluations.
  5. Have a restful and safe winter break!
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Wk 10.1 – Weisman, Abbey, LaDuke, Williams redux, Exam 2

  1. Quiz 11 on Weisman (to replace lowest score on quizzes 1-10)
  2. Site Journal Submission tonight 11:59pm with a completed self-evaluation
  3. Advising in Winter and Spring 2022
  4. Revisit readings by Abbey, LaDuke, Williams
  5. LaDuke video – Stop Line 3
  6. Exam 2 is take home (Canvas/Files/Readings/Exam 2 takehome). It is due Th 11/18 at 11:59pm in Canvas.
  7. Course evals
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Exam #2 Review

Exam 2 will cover the films and readings we have completed after Week 4, including Steingraber’s “The Whole Fracking Enchilada,” but not the news media coverage of fracking. It will be open book (photocopies are okay) and it will consist of passage identification (author and text) with a short explication of the passage’s significance, as well as some essay questions.

To prepare, read any texts (readings and films) you haven’t read since week 4, and then take another look at those you have, re-familiarizing yourself with the main points and ideas. Think about the major themes and issues we’ve examined since Exam 1, including eco-feminism, the presentations, and fracking in Colorado.

Another way to prepare will be to understand the history and evolution of green activism, as we’ve seen in the readings and films since exam 1. Historically, who has been involved in green activism in the USA as seen in the course materials, what types of activism have they used, and how has that activism evolved and changed? Which methods seem most fruitful?

Finally, think deeply about Joyce Carol Oates’ quote (on the syllabus) about nature writing and nature writers:

“Nature inspires a painfully limited set of responses in nature writers: REVERENCE, AWE, PIETY, MYSTICAL ONENESS.”

How do the readings for the course (and which ones) align or challenge or complicate her claim?

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Week 9.2 – Orbital Debris, LaDuke, Williams, Abbey

  • Submit Site Journal 5 link in Canvas, if you haven’t
  • Quiz 10 – LaDuke, Williams, Abbey
  • Trash in Space – Orbital Debris Presentation
  • Discuss green activism readings, DU’s “countdown to carbon neutrality” by 2030
  • HW due:
  • F 11/12 Discussion Post 6 – fracking in CO
  • M 11/15 Complete Site Journal with self-evaluation
  • M 11/15 Read Weisman’s “The World Without Us” (quiz 11 will replace lowest provious quiz score)

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Naturalist’s Site Journal: Reflection and Self-Evaluation

A couple reminders: 1) Site journals are due on M 11/15 at 11:59pm, with a completed self-evaluation. You should visit and document your site again this weekend. 2) Be sure to complete the self-evaluation (see below) and post it in Canvas (as a text entry – copy and paste) with your link to your site journal.

Self-Evaluation Questions

1. What is the strongest entry in the site journal? Why?
2. What did you enjoy about this assignment? Why?
3. What was difficult or challenging about the assignment? What could be improved in your site journal, or what do you wish you had done differently?
4. How did you synthesize your entries as you completed the final version of the site journal?
5. What risks – in the writing, images, ideas – did you take in the site journal?
6. What did you learn about your site and about nature writing by completing the site journal?

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Wk 9.1 – Presentation 5, B. Kingsolver, Jensen, Pollan

Screen Shot 2021-11-07 at 7.39.41 AM

  1. DU Bridge Community Garden
  2. Quiz 9: B. Kingsolver, Jensen, Pollan
  3. Post your site journal link in Canvas/Discussions/Site Journal 5
  4. B. Kingsolver, M. Pollan, D. Jensen and Fracking
  5. HW for W 11/11:
    1. Complete Site Journal 5 Peer Review by Tues 11/10 at midnight
    2. Read: Edward Abbey’s Ecodefense (Canvas/Files/Readings)
    3. Read: Terry Tempest Williams and Wynona LaDuke (in Lit and Environment anthology).
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Wk 8.2 Biodiversity, Fracking in CO

  1. Quiz on Fracking in CO readings (NYTimes and Westword articles)
  2. Reminder: flu shots on W 11/3, 2-4:30pm near the Nelson Hall Spit Test site
  3. Site Journals: Don’t be afraid to use the multimedia capabilities. See Emily’s SJ
  4. Biodiversity Presentation
  5. The anthropocene
  6. Steingraber’s two-trunked tree
  7. HW for Monday:
    1. Due Site journal 5 before class. Whole Site Journal due M, 11/15.
    2. Read Jensen’s “Forget Shorter Showers,” B. Kingsolver’s “Reconstructing Our Desires,” and Pollan’s “Why Bother?” in anthology


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Wk 8.1: Orr, Fracking


Class over Zoom: https://udenver.zoom.us/j/9731812577

  1. Quiz on Orr’s “Reflections on Oil and Water” and fracking
  2. Reminder: flu shots on W 11/3, 2-4:30pm near the Nelson Hall Spit Test site
  3. COVID and Remaining Schedule
  4. Help a colleague; complete a short survey about food waste at DU
  5. Registration and Advising check in.
  6. Ecofeminism and Grizzly Man
  7. Discuss Orr
  8. Marissa Ronquillo, DU Career Center presentation (rescheduled from 10/24)
  9. US Energy Information Association, 2017 CO2 Emissions
  10. HW for Weds (meet in Sturm 424 classroom): Read Fracking in CO articles:
    1. NY Times, “In Colorado, A Bitter Battle Over Oil, Gas, and the Environment Comes to a Head” (article is also in Canvas/Files/Readings if you can’t get around the firewall)
    2. Westword’s “How Colorado Became Ground Zero in America’s Energy Wars”
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WK 7.2 – Carson, Steingraber, Site Journal Peer Review

  1. Read: Carson and Steingraber
  2. Submit Site Journal #4
  3. Due W 10/27 at midnight: Complete Site Journal Peer Review (both in Canvas/Discussions/Site Journal 4 and Peer Review)
  4. Due Friday: Discussion Post #5: Ecofeminism and Grizzly Man
  5. HW for Monday:
    1. Read: Orr, “Reflections on Oil and Water”
    2. Visit your site (take photos, but no SJ due)
    3. Have a safe and fun Halloween!
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Wk 7.1: COVID: no class – Biodiversity, Whitman, Wilson, & Career Center

  1. Quiz 7
  2. Help a colleague; complete a short survey about food waste at DU
  3. Guest Speaker! Marissa Ronquillo, Career Center Overview
  4. Biodiversity Presentation: Emily, Morgan, Taj
  5. Discuss Whitman, Wilson
  6. Advising Conferences: M and T
  7. Screening: Continue Grizzly Man
  8. HW for W 10/27: read Carson’s “Of Man and the Stream of Time” (in Lit and Env Anthology) and Steingraber’s “The Whole Fracking Enchilada” (Canvas/Files/Readings)
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