No class on M 10/24

Hi Everyone, We will not have class today, Monday, 10/24. Before class on W 10/26, be sure to read Erdrich’s “Line of Credit” and watch Grizzly Man (Canvas–>Pages–>Grizzly Man). Discussion post 5 will be due on Thursday, 10/27. Thank you.

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W 10/19 Class

  1. Announcements
  2. Encountering Stories tonight, 5-7, AAC Special Events Room
  3. Advising Reminders
  4. Writing Practices Minor
  5. Degree Audits and Searching by Attributes for Common Curriculum Classes
  6. Site Journals: Blog about Mt. Trashmore, with your photos. Visit your site this weekend.
  7. In Class Writing exercise
  8. Houston, Kerouac, Lopez
  9. Grizzly Man
  10. Discussion Post 5 is due next W 10/26, after we discuss eco-feminism in class on M 10/24.
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Encountering Stories, W 10/19, 5-7pm in the library

Your one chance to earn extra credit this quarter: attend the One Book, One DU event, which showcases (some of) the class of 2020’s responses to The Truth About Stories, including those created by our very own Nicole and Minzheng. Attend, listen, interact, eat, and then complete the Encountering Stories discussion post by F 10/21 for some extra credit points. Here’s more: encountering-stories-event-flyer


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Advising for Winter 2017

We’ll meet this week for advising. You’ll want to bring the following: 1) Your draft Winter 2017 schedule, 2) Your questions, and 3) Your appetite.

Most of you will need to begin the WRIT sequence by taking WRIT 1122 in Winter 2017 and WRIT 1133 in Spring 2017. WRIT courses are like FSEMs, in that they’re often themed. You’ll want to read the WRIT course descriptions before selecting your WRIT sections: writ-winter-2017-info

Advising will take place at Illegal Pete’s. Here’s the sign-up sheet for advising with me.

Finally, you can hear directly from the Deans about your majors at the “Ask the Academic Leadership” panel, which is happening tomorrow from 3:30-4:30 in the Knoebel School of Hospitality Tuscan Ballroom. Food and drink will be available. More here: deanpanel-1018

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Mt. Trashmore!

From Chad King, Director of the DU Center for Sustainability: Many thanks to all of you for a successful 2016 Mt Trashmore event.  We weighed over 2500 pounds of trash, and sorted over 740 pounds of the total.  Our diversion rate for the day was 31.1%.  For those that weren’t there, our process was to sort the landfill in buildings of interest to determine the potential diversion rates, and to simply weigh the rest of the materials.

Specific thanks to:

Kaela Martins and her zero waste team, who ran the show with tremendous leadership,

Garrett Blagg and the night custodial crew for transporting the waste smoothly so we were ready to roll in the morning,

The amazing classes of volunteers led by Professors Megan Kelly and Brad Benz,

And the rest of the staff of the Center for Sustainability who helped.


img_1121 img_1122img_1124img_1117

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Site Journal Peer Review #2

Read and respond to the two people below your name about their site journals by answering these questions and replying directly on their blog.

  1. How well has the author integrated visuals and photos in their site journal? Do the pictures reflect the changing seasons?
  2. Which journal entry did you find most interesting? Why?
  3. As a reader, what would you like to learn more about in terms of the site and the author’s research?
  4. What should the author work on as they continue to blog about their site?
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Mount Trashmore! Th. 10/13, 8-2pm behind JMAC

We will participate in Mt. Trashmore, DU’s annual trash audit. I expect everyone to help for 2 hours, assisting as needed. Be sure to sign in so we can keep track of our efforts. You’ll need to wear long pants, long sleeves, and close-toed shoes (i.e. no flip flops or sandals). Gloves will be provided.

On M 10/10 in class, we’ll complete the blood borne pathogen quiz. We will not have class on W 10/12 to acknowledge your efforts at Mt. Trashmore.


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