Wk 10.2 – Exam 2

Standing Rock

  1. Prof. Benz will be available over Zoom from 12-1pm if you want to discuss exam 2
  2. Exam 2 is available in Canvas/Assignments/Exam 2. Please type it.
  3. Exam 2 is due M, 11/21 at 11:59pm in Canvas.
  4. Please complete course evaluations.
  5. Have a restful and safe winter break!
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Wk 10.1 – Weisman, Abbey, LaDuke, Williams redux, Exam 2


  1. Green Activism is fun: Divest DU Crimson Connect sign up
  2. Quiz 11 on Weisman (to replace lowest score on quizzes 1-10): Possible essay prompts
  3. Site Journal Submission tonight 11:59pm with a completed self-evaluation
  4. Advising in Winter and Spring 2022
  5. Exam 2 is take home (Canvas/Files/Readings/Exam 2 takehome). It is due Monday, 11/21 at 11:59pm in Canvas.
  6. Course evals
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Week 9.2 – Green activism: LaDuke, Williams, Abbey

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Wk 9.1 – Fast Fashion Presentation, B. Kingsolver, Jensen, Washington

Screen Shot 2021-11-07 at 7.39.41 AM

  1. Quiz 9: B. Kingsolver, Jensen, Washington
  2. Winter 2023 Registration check in
  3. Fast Fashion Presentation
  4. Post your site journal link in Canvas/Discussions/Site Journal 5
  5. Final Site Journal due M 11/14 at midnight. Six entries & a self-evaluation: see SJ Scoring Guide
  6. B. Kingsolver, H. Washington, D. Jensen and Fracking
  7. HW for W 11/9:
    1. Read: Abbey, Williams, LaDuke for quiz 10
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Wk 8.2 Overpopulation, Fracking in CO

  1. Quiz 7 on Fracking in CO readings (NYTimes and Westword articles)
  2. Site Journals: Don’t be afraid to use the multimedia capabilities. See Emily’s youtube or Jacob’s Spotify or Jayne’s quiz
  3. Overpopulation Presentation: Jeslyn and Michele
  4. Discuss fracking in CO, Dear Governor Hickenlooper (2014 documentary on Vimeo)
  5. HW for Fri: Quiz 8 discussion post: Grizzly Man and Eco-feminism
  6. HW for Monday:
    1. Due Site journal 5 before class.
    2. Read Washington’s “How Environmental Racism Fuels Pandemics,” Jensen’s “Forget Shorter Showers,” B. Kingsolver’s “Reconstructing Our Desires.” For Jensen, you might choose to watch this youtube version


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Wk 8.1: Orr, Fracking

  1. Quiz 6 on Orr’s “Reflections on Oil and Water” and Steingraber’s “The Whole Fracking Enchilada”
  2. Carbon and Carbon Dioxide
  3. Quiz 8 due F 11/4: Ecofeminism and Grizzly Man
  4. Discuss Orr
  5. HW for Weds: Read Fracking in CO articles:
    1. NY Times, “In Colorado, A Bitter Battle Over Oil, Gas, and the Environment Comes to a Head” (article is also in Canvas/Files/Readings if you can’t get around the firewall)
    2. Westword’s “How Colorado Became Ground Zero in America’s Energy Wars”
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Wk 7 Day 2 – Nuclear & Renewable Energy, Erdrich, Eco-feminism


  1. Advising resources 
  2. Some of the Winter 2023 WRIT Course Tik Tok course descriptions
  3. Erdrich Quiz
  4. Group Presentation #4: Nuclear & Renewable Energy
  5. Ecofeminism
  6. Louise Erdrich and “Line of Credit”
  7. Screening: Grizzly Man
  8. HW: Due Friday: Site Journal #4 peer review 
  9. Flu shots are required by DU for Winter and Spring 2023. Get yours for free on campus (bring your vaccination card): 

Screen Shot 2022-10-25 at 8.57.50 AM

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Wk 7.1: Site Journal, Advising

  • Due: Site Journal #4 in Canvas. Peer review is due Friday.
  • HW for W 10/26: read Erdrich (trigger warning: there is a sex scene in the reading).
  • Finish Advising.

M 10/24 Advising, rd. 3. Meet in AAC coffeeshop.

  • 12:00: Chaz Eaton
  • 12:15 Luke Mathis
  • 12:30: Madison Voytko
  • 12:45 Olivia Lloyd
  • 1:00 andrew zankel
  • 1:15 Cooper Livingston
  • 1:30 Michele Greenberg
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Wk 6.2 – Advising; HWPL Dashboard

Advising for Winter 2023 with Brad Benz

Attend the Advising/Registration logistics Zoom on W 10/19, 12-12:30. Zoom link here:

  1. https://udenver.zoom.us/j/82923080800

Registration for Winter 2023 runs Oct. 31-Nov. 4. You’ll have an assigned registration day and time. You’ll need to meet with me in the AAC library coffeeshop beforehand to discuss your HWPL dashboard, your schedules, your questions. 

Before we meet:

  1. Complete Discussion post 4: DYL Dashboard and Lifeview/Workview before. Be ready to discuss.
  2. Refresh your memory about your progress with the Common Curriculum (Canvas/Discussion Post #2). 
  3. Build three schedules for Winter 2023, with an ideal version (perfect days/times), a good version (different, but workable days/times), a backup if everything’s full. Be sure to not the courses’ CRN # (four digit number, unique to each section of a class).  
  4. Consult the Office of Academic Advising’s First-year Advising video and drop-in sessions
  5. Consult the Registration checklist and use the Advising Resources on the course website
  6. WRIT course descriptions for Winter 2023. Read them; most have themes a la FSEM.
  7. Sign up for an advising conference with me. We’ll meet in the coffee shop in the AAC library (and possibly sit outside if it’s nice/warm).

Tu 10/18

11:00 Noel Airoldi

11:15 zach holzer

W 10/19

11:00 Tess Carson

11:15 Perry Howe

11:30 Everett Burgin

11:45 Jayne Kazmierczak

12:30 Riley Hinton

12:45 Jacob Vasquez

1:00: Amirah Creighton

1:15 Zoe Kate Tarinelli 

1:30: Jeslyn Zheng

1:45 talia gooze

M 10/24

12:00: Chaz Eaton

12:15 Luke Mathis

12:30: Madison Voytko

12:45 Olivia Lloyd

1:00 andrew zankel

1:15 Cooper Livingston

1:30 Michele Greenberg

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WK 6.1 – Aquatic life, Anzaldua, DYL

  1. New seating arrangement for second half of quarter. Sit in a row with two or three people you haven’t been sitting by. Live on the edge: mix up the genders. Back row still off limits.
  2. Quiz 6: Anzaldua, DYL
  3. Anzaldua’s El Retorno – Spanish to English translations
  4. Aquatic Life in Oceans Group Presentation
  5. Advising reminders
  6. Discuss readings
  7. Grizzly Man
  8. Return Exam 1

  1. For Weds 10/19:
  • Attend Advising Zoom from 12-12:30 about registration process and logistics:
  • Due: W 10/19, 11:59am: Discussion Post 4: DYL Compass and Lifeview/Workview reflection in Canvas/Assignments.
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