Wk 10.2 – Exam 2

  1. Exam 2 due today, W 11/18 at 11:59pm in Canvas.
  2. Please complete course evaluations.
  3. Have a restful and safe winter break!
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Wk 10.1 – Weisman, Advising, Exam 2

  1. Class over Zoom
  2. Quiz 11 on Weisman (to replace lowest score on quizzes 1-10)
  3. Site Journal Submission tonight 11:59pm with a completed self-evaluation
  4. Advising wrap up (a couple spots still open), and also advising in Winter and Spring 2021
  5. Exam 2 (Canvas/Files/Readings) due W, 11/18 at 11:59pm
  6. Course evals
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Wk 9.2 – LaDuke, Abbey, Williams


  1. Quiz 10: LaDuke and TT Williams in the book; Abbey’s Ecodefense 2 (Canvas/Files/Readings); Earth First! and If a Tree Falls video clips (Canvas/Pages/Green Activism)
  2. Site Journals due Monday 11/16 at 11:59pm with a completed self-evaluation.
  3. Discuss activism readings and videos.
  4. Abbey’s Forward! is the preface to Ecodefense (pdf)
  5. Some Local Green Activism:
    1. DU Center for Sustainability (DU.edu and Instagram)
    2. Divest DU (Instagram)
    3. Extinction Rebellion: XR Denver (Instagram and Facebook)
    4. Sunrise Movement (Boulder/Denver Facebook)
  6. Advising Resources
  7. Advising Conferences – see today’s schedule and also times on Monday for additional advising if you’re so inclined.
  8. HW: Read Weisman in Canvas/Files. Assign Exam #2 on M 11/16.

W 11/11

12:50 – Toby Noyes

1:00-Hayden Schneider

1:10 – Dylan Bonovitz

1:20 Tristana R

1:30 Braulio A

1:40 Jacqueline P


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Green Activism

Winona LaDuke’s “Uranium Mining, Native Resistance, and the Greener Path”








Harry Goulding’s article about uranium mining on Navajo land in Popular Mechanics (1950)

—What’s the history of uranium mining on native land according to LaDuke?
—Why is she feeling a “very bad déjà vu?”
—Why does she go to Australia, where she encounters the description: “we dig it up and they buy it?”
A clear parallel to LaDuke: 2014 San Juan Basin Methane Hot Spot:







One small “hot spot” in the U.S. Southwest is responsible for producing the largest concentration of the greenhouse gas methane seen over the United States – more than triple the standard ground-based estimate — according to a new study of satellite data by scientists at NASA and the University of Michigan…The hot spot, near the Four Corners intersection of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah, covers only about 2,500 square miles (6,500 square kilometers), or half the size of Connecticut. (Source: NASA)


Terry Tempest Williams’ “The Clan of One Breasted Women”









The “Dog” atmospheric nuclear bomb test at the Nevada Test Site, conducted in 1951. Photo from the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection.

  • —Who are the clan of one breasted women?
  • —How does Wms’ grandmother describe her breast cancer surgery to her mother?
  • —  What’s the significance of Williams being a “Mormon woman of fifth generation of LDS?”
  • “It has been found that the tests may be conducted with adequate assurance of safety under conditions prevailing at the bombing reservations.”
  • “The price of obedience has become too high.” Obedience to what? To whom?

Edward Abbey’s “Forward!” preface to Ecodefense: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching

  • —Why does Abbey begin with the idea that “self-defense against attack is one of the basic laws of human society?”
  • How does Abbey feel about representative government in the USA?
  • “Representative government in the USA represents money not people and therefore has forfeited our allegiance and moral support.”










Some Local Green Activism:

DU Center for Sustainability (DU.edu and Instagram)

Divest DU (Instagram)

Extinction Rebellion: XR Denver (Instagram and Facebook)

Sunrise Movement (Boulder/Denver Facebook)

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Wk 9.1 – B. Kingsolver, Jensen, Pollan

  1. Class meets over Zoom M. 11/9, W 11/11, M 11/16
  2. Quiz: B. Kingsolver, Jensen, Pollan
  3. Post your site journal link in Canvas/Discussions/Site Journal 5 and Peer Review (a few of you will need to re-post here)
  4. Site Journal 5 Peer Review: due Tues 11/10
  5. An Inconvenient Truth clip 1 on global warming and ending, B. Kingsolver, M. Pollan, D. Jensen and Fracking
  6. See Advising Resources before our conference
  7. Advising Conferences
  8. HW for W 11/11:
    1. Complete Site Journal 5 Peer Review by Tues 11/10 at midnight
    2. Read: Edward Abbey’s Ecodefense (Canvas/Files/Readings)
    3. Read: Terry Tempest Williams and Wynona LaDuke (in Lit and Environment anthology).
    4. Watch Green Activism, first two videos (Canvas/Pages/View All Pages)
      1. Earth First! (watch clip: 0-11:30)
      2. If a Tree Falls (watch clips: 7:15-21:30, 36:05-39:30, 50-56:20)
      3. (Readings by Abbey, Williams, and Laduke, and Earth First! and If a Tree Falls videos will be on the quiz on Weds).
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Site Journal 5 – Peer Review due Tu 11/10 at 11:59pm


  1. Post a link to your blog in the Canvas/Discussions/Site Journal 5.
  2. Read your partner’s site journal in its entirety.
  3. Then answer these questions, replying directly to their Canvas post.
  4. Due: T 11/10 at 11:59pm.
  5. You will receive credit for Site Journal 5 based on the quality of your feedback.


  • Gabe A./Braulio A.
  • Dylan B./Ryan C.
  • Michael D./Toby N.
  • Maya N./Erik P.
  • Jacqueline P./Tristana R.
  • Carolina R./ Maya S.
  • Hayden S./Katherine S.
  • Gabriela V./Charlotte W.
  • Charlie W./Lauren Z.
  1. How well has the author captured a sense of place, noting the change in seasons, the impact on the site, identifying the plants, trees, and wildlife?
  2. The audience for your site journal is interested web readers, so the journal should be written in a casual, engaging manner, and it should not read like a paper for psychology or business class. How well does the author maintain a relaxed, engaging voice? Provide an example to illustrate your point. Identify two places that read more formally, like an APA paper for psychology class?
  3. What is the strongest entry in the site journal? Why? Which entry could be stronger, and why?
  4. The site journal should feel whole, an organic unit. How well does the author connect the different entries, linking them together? Or, how well does the author synthesize (pull things together) the site?
  5. What should the author prioritize as they revise the site journal for publication?

The Site Journal Scoring Guide explains the evaluative criteria:


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Wk 8.2 Fracking in CO

  1. Quiz on Fracking in CO readings (NYTimes and Westword articles)
  2. Site Journals: Don’t be afraid to use the multimedia capabilities. See Maya S’s SJ
  3. See Advising Resources before our conference
  4. Discuss readings – see Fracking 101 Powerpoint (Canvas/Files/Readings)
  5. This 2014 map shows the explosion of gas wells in Weld County, CO
  6. HW for Friday:
    1. Discussion post #6 in Canvas (watch clips of Dear Gov. Hickenlooper documentary)
  7. HW for Monday (Class over Zoom on Monday):
    1. due Site journal 5 before class. Whole Site Journal due Fri, 11/13.
    2. Read Jensen’s “Forget Shorter Showers,” B. Kingsolver’s “Reconstructing Our Desires,” and Pollan’s “Why Bother?” in anthology
  8. Advising Conferences


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Advising Resources

  1. Review the Big Picture for graduating and the Common Curriculum below.
  2. Common Curriculum checklist (Canvas/Files/Readings)
  3. DU 20/21 Undergraduate Bulletin
  4. WRIT Course Descriptions for Winter 2021
  5. If you know your major, check your department’s website for advising checklists
  6. In Pioneerweb/Student Tab:
    1. Run a Degree Audit to chart your progress with the common curriculum
    2. Check your registration date and time in Pioneerweb/Student Tab/Registration/Prepare for Registration

    1. C. Build three versions of your Winter schedule: Pioneerweb/Student Tab/Registration/Plan Ahead. Create your ideal schedule, and then two more schedules with back up sections (different days/times) that work so that if your top choice is full, you can enter a replacement quickly during registration. 




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Wk 8.1: Orr, Fracking

Screen Shot 2020-11-02 at 11.28.19 AM

  1. Quiz on Gasland, Orr’s “Reflections on Oil and Water”
  2. Registration and Advising:
    1. Goal: Complete the Common Curriculum checklist (Canvas/Files/Readings): fill it out using the tools below and submit in Canvas/Assignments.
    2. DU Undergraduate Bulletin
    3. If you know your major, check your department’s website for advising checklists
    4. Run a degree audit in Pioneerweb
    5. Check your registration date and time in Pioneerweb
    6. WRIT Course Descriptions: Winter 2021 WRIT Advising
    7. Advising Signup Sheet
  3. Fracking in Colorado: Dear Governor Hickenlooper (documentary)
  4. US Energy Information Association, 2017 CO2 Emissions
  5. HW for Weds: Read Fracking in CO articles:
    1. NY Times, “In Colorado, A Bitter Battle Over Oil, Gas, and the Environment Comes to a Head” (article is also in Canvas/Files/Readings if you can’t get around the firewall)
    2. Westword’s “How Colorado Became Ground Zero in America’s Energy Wars”
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WK 7.2 – Carson, Steingraber, Gasland

  1. Announcements:
    1. Winter and Spring 2021 Calendar (Canvas/Announcements)
    2. Flu Shots
    3. City of Denver – Safer at Home, Level 3
  2. Carson and Steingraber Quiz (Canvas/Discussions)
  3. Eco-feminism, redux
  4. Carson and Steingraber discussion
  5. HW for Monday:
    1. watch Gasland (1 hour, 42 mins long), available in Canvas/Pages/View All Pages/Fracking: Films and Readings. Also on Youtube.
    2. Read: Orr, “Reflections on Oil and Water”
    3. Visit your site (take photos, but no SJ due)
    4. Fall back Sunday morning.
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