High Country News Young Essayist Contest – $1,000 award


Announcing the 2016 Bell Prize for young essayists

Honoring the spirit of our founder, Tom Bell, we want to hear from aspiring writers and essayists, ages 18 to 25, on conservation topics frequently covered by High Country News.

At a time when there was little coverage of environmental issues in the American West, Bell founded HCN in 1970, and was a strong voice for conservation. He wrote about many topics, and these remain his legacy: he demanded better management of public lands, helped persuade the Wyoming Legislature to pass laws for conservation goals, including strip-mine reclamation, and pressured Game and Fish to be more scientific. We’re looking for writers who will continue that legacy well into the future.

Essays should be no longer than 800 words. Consider the conservation topics you’re familiar with and why they’re important to you: water, energy & industry, wildlife, public lands, climate, communities, sustainability, justice, politics — you decide.

The winning essayist will:

  •     be awarded the Bell Prize
  •     receive $1,000 in cash
  •     be published in the Nov. 14, 2016 Books and Authors issue and online.

Runner-up will receive $400 in outdoor gear from Mountainsmith and will also be featured online.

Please send one submission, and one only, to student.essay@hcn.org, by Oct. 14, 2016.

Think hard, write well and good luck. More info here.

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Chancellor’s Desert Reception, W 9/28, 7-8pm

Dear Students,

Chancellor Chopp would like to invite your FSEM to join her for a dessert reception on Wednesday, September 28th from 7 – 8pmin the Gottesfeld Room (4th floor) of the Ritchie Center.

Please come with your class to meet the Chancellor, enjoy some sweet treats, and to go up to the top of the Williams Tower to see one of the best campus views.  Chancellor Chopp is very much looking forward to meeting you and the rest of the Class of 2020!

Kindest regards,

Claire Brownell

Office of the Chancellor

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Genesis and Site Journal 1 Peer Feedback

Quickly read Chapters 1-3 in the book of Genesis. Be ready to discuss.

Find your name to the right. Check and see if the link works. Then, click on your first post and see if somewhere on the post, a viewer can “leave a comment or reply.” If that’s an option, proceed. If not an option, go back to your WP Admin and pick a new theme, one with the comment function.

Peer review: for the person – not the Sample SJs – listed directly under your name, read their first site journal entry. When you finish reading, answer the following questions about their blog. You should enter your feedback by using the “comment/reply” function on their blog.

  • What are the strengths of the journal entry? Identify two specific strengths and discuss why they are strengths.
  • The audience for your site journals is the public, or an interested web reader, so the site journal’s prose should be accessible, lively, and interesting – and shouldn’t sound like something written for the AP test or in Psychology class. How well does the author grab the reader’s attention? How would you characterize the voice in the prose? Why?
  • This entry should contain some discussion of location to orient the reader. How effectively does the author describe the site? How effectively does the author locate the site within the context of its surroundings (i.e. where is it?)?
  • How well does the author incorporate photos of the site into the journal entry? Which images work best and why?
  • Provide some advice on the design, layout, links. Is it easy to read the journal entry? What links (to other sites) should the author add to their blog and why?
  • What should the author work on when they revise the journal entry? What else should be discussed in future entries?
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Major Advising Sessions are This Week

Starting next week, we are having college specific Major Advising Sessions for first-year students.  First-Year Students are still required to meet with their FSEM mentor for alternate pin deletion during Advising Period which begins Monday, Oct 10th.

The Major Advising Sessions are an opportunity for first-year students to :

  • Meet with faculty and staff advisors from the Major academic departments.
  • Get information regarding their intended major or to help select a major.
  • Determine appropriate classes for the Winter and Spring quarters.

Students don’t have to be a declared major to attend a specific major session.  We are encouraging undecided students to attend advising sessions for different colleges and explore their major options.


Fall 2016 Major Academic Advising Sessions

Undecided/Still Exploring  

Monday, Sept 19th


Lindsay Auditorium, 281 Sturm Hall


Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Click Here for a list of Majors!

Tuesday, Sept 20th

4pm- 6 pm

Olin Hall


Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Click Here for a list of Majors!

Wednesday, Sept 21st

4-6:00pm, Davis Auditorium-Sturm Hall


The Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science

Click Here for a list of Majors!

WednesdaySept  21st

6pm- 8pm

5th Floor, Engineering & Computer Science Building


Josef Korbel School of International Studies

Majors: International Studies and Public Policy

Thursday, Sept 22nd

4 pm-5pm

Sie 1150, SIE Complex
RSVP here!


Daniels College of Business

Click Here for a list of Majors!

Tuesday, Oct 4th and Wednesday, Oct 5th

10 am, 12 noon, 2 pm, and 4pm  (students only need to attend one session, all sessions are the same)

Reiman Theatre, 1st floor Margery Reed Hall

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Welcome to With and Without Nature!

This site contains course materials for Brad Benz’s First Year Seminar at the University of Denver. It was a fun morning at the Denver Art Museum!


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